2356 Volume 1: Issues 1-5
Monday November 19th 2007, 4:18 pm
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volume 01

Four Minutes to Midnight issues 1 through 5 were created as part of my MA thesis at the London College of Printing in 2004. The ideas behind them and the desire to create a design magazine had been running through my head for many years before (often in frenzied dialogue with John), and the MA provided the perfect opportunity for me to realise them. They were created in a very limited edition (though available for free as printable pdfs) and released over the span of three hectic months.

ISSUE 01: Dissonance
issue 1
The inaugural issue! This issue began with a simple question posted on the blog to friends: what’s wrong? The resulting answers determined the structure and contents of the issue.

> download issue 1

ISSUE 02: A Quick Fix
issue 2
This issue contained visual responses to the first issue in the form of a set of 8 tipped-in postcards.

> download issue 2

ISSUE 03: Speak
issue 3
Three parallel texts by Maya Drozdz, Joel Shane and Kevin Lo addressed issues around design / society / education from a personal perspective. A cacaphony of other voices are also thrown into the mix.

> download issue 3

ISSUE 04: Remix
issue 4
Responses to questions of ‘love, pain and dissent’, ‘identity and co-option’, and ‘saying vs. doing’. Also includes another set of remixed postcards.

> download issue 4

ISSUE 05: Manifest
issue 5
This issue officially concluded Volume 1, featuring an extended typographic poem made from the words, phrases and ideas of the dialogue surrounding the project.

> download issue 5

ISSUE 06: Kneejerk
issue 6
Issue 6 was a special issue designed by Maya Drozdz’s students at the Montserrat College of Art using material from previous issues.

> download issue 6

For the academic-minded, or those looking for more context, please feel free to download the project proposal and final report of my MA Thesis.

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I am really, really excited to start downloading and reading these. I think I came across you from a link on the Snap! website, but my memory’s a little blurry as I just spent the past few hours pouring over your website, and that of things magazine, and then e-mailing every designer and typophile I know.

Seriously though, even in the small shots on this page there is some feverishly inspirational stuff.

Comment by Kirsten McCrea 07.28.08 @ 2:15 am

Thanks Kirsten!

Comment by kevin 07.29.08 @ 11:26 am

Just discovered this site and 2356 by accident. Downloaded all 12 and excited to read them. Long live the internet!

Comment by Chris 04.28.13 @ 9:21 am

Thanks Chris, glad that you stumbled upon our work! Please feel free to let us know what you think.

Comment by Kevin 04.28.13 @ 11:29 am

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