Four Minutes to Midnight: Issue Seven
Monday December 10th 2007, 3:41 pm
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issue 07It’s time to build a new architecture of resistance…

Issue 7 of FMTM was the first issue published out of Montréal in the new format. Growing out of the concepts developed in my thesis work, but unrestricted by any academic criteria, this issue brings together the work of over 25 artists and writers, remixed, edited and designed by John and myself into a 124 page visual essay on typography, poetry and personal politics.

The issue features a cover design by Abe Burmeister from his Wind Is The Enemy days, and is printed on Strathmore recycled cotton writing paper. Perfect-bound in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies.

Two years and two issues later, I think it is safe to say our first foray into “radical” self-publishing was quite successful, building a strong community of interest (who knew?) and selling out over the course of the first year. So, if you picked up a copy at some point, thanks!

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Many thanks to all the contributors: Abe Burmeister, Catherine Rizzetto, Kajin Goh, Constantin Denmer, Rowena Kennedy Epstein, Shawnda Wilson, Brigid Byrne, Geof Huth, Kenneth Fitzgerald, Asma Khan, Ian Noble and Russel Bestley, Rick Valicenti, Colin White, Sandy Kaltenborn, and all my peers at the LCP MA.

And special thanks to Janet at Lovell Litho for the immaculate printing and service.

Download a PDF of the issue here (9.2 MB).

Geof Huth reviews the issue here.

Four Minutes to Midnight: Issue 7 won the Best English-Language Zine Award at the inaugural Expozine awards in 2005.

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