Rêve Général Illimité
Monday July 02nd 2012, 1:34 am
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As the inspiring 2012 student strike expands into a broader social movement, the Howl! Arts Collective will be holding an outdoor concert and artistic intervention, Rêve Général Illimité. The event aims to celebrate the creative spirit in the streets during the Québec student uprsing and to draw attention to, and support for, the ongoing strike.

Rêve Général Illimité will include musical and theatrical performances, visual art installations, a screen-printing station, all inspired by the Québec student strike.

As the Liberal government’s political repression continues against the largest protest movement in Québec’s history, notably with the passing of Law 78 to silence dissent in the streets, massive cultural festivals are being planned without consideration of the ongoing political crisis.

The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal is seen by people around the world as a symbol of the free spirit and cultural character of Montréal. As community artists based in this city, we feel the corporate sponsorship now driving the festival ultimately undermines the political, social, economic and physical space that allows indpendent culture to thrive in Montreal. Is the spirit of jazz truly represented by Toronto Dominion, a bank repsonsible for pushing neo-liberal economic polices in Canada and profiting off the backs of poor and working people?

The Howl! Arts Collective is calling on people to join us for Rève Général Illimité: A Creative Intervention, on Thursday July 5 at 6PM, to collectively raise our voices, as artists and as a community, in support of the growing calls for a general social strike in Québec.

Facebook event page here.

Many people have asked me about the design of the graphic for the event. It’s an historical mashup referencing Ne pas plier‘s original Rêve Général graphic:

…and Eric Drooker‘s amazing general strike graphic:

…with a wink to the jazz fest’s old mascot. Also cats are cool, and a potent anarchist symbol. This particular cat is also an amazing jumper.

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Thien’s photos from the event here: http://quelquesnotes.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/050712/

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