Issue 13 WIP


Things are coming along slowly, but surely, with the next issue (13) of Four Minutes to Midnight and I wanted to share some work in progress images. Alongside a much tighter conception of what we want to do with the issue, I’m very excited to announce that Howl Arts will be officially supporting the project with production and distribution. With this support, we’ve decided to print an offset run in colour for the first time ever! We also plan to engage the talents of local craft printers, and employ letterpress, silkscreen and risograph printing for covers and inserts.

Thematically, the issue emerges out of my experience of the student strike in Québec, though it is not “about” it in any way. Repurposed content from the Two Poems mini issue acts as a starting point.

The issue will also include a short visual essay on critical graphic design to contextualise what we’re trying to do with the fugue.

Jacob Wren, an artist that I have long admired will be contributing to the issue.

And we’ve stolen some words from Karen Elaine Spencer, who herself is a masterful word-stealer and dream listener.


And more colour, with photos from Thien V and myself (or my dad, more accurately).

We’re still a ways off from completion (we’re aiming for a launch date in January), but it’s satisfying to see things taking shape on the page. After a hiatus of two years, this issue is a long time in the making, but I’m confident the wait will be worth it in the end. The content is still not 100% finalised, so please feel free to contribute to the fugue and/or contact me with any ideas you might have.

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