Intimate Distance
Tuesday October 21st 2014, 5:17 pm
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In collaboration with Artivistic and Howl! Arts, we’ve just published Intimate / Distance, a new photo portfolio zine for Võ Thiên Viêt. Thiên has been a long standing friend and collaborator, and we’re very pleased to release this special project with him. The careful selection of photos reflects a desire to represent, within an albeit small sample, the breadth of Thiên’s work, beyond his celebrated documentation of the student strike of 2012.


Inscribed with an epigraph from Crass’s song “How does it feel?”, the photographs reflect on the subtler moments of a politically engaged life, seen from a distance, yet captured intimately. Hera Chan, reviewing the publication writes:

“Intimate / Distance showcases the work of a photographer whose rhythm is much more suited to the printed page, without the flicker of our devices and the abyss of infinite scroll. The disposability of newsprint, and its subjectivity to wear and tear draws a renewed context around Thiên’s photographs, asking you to find your closeness with the printed page and moments past. Intimate / Distance is a way of seeing, a call for the death of spectacular capture, and to biding our time in confrontation with our own distances.”


The zine is printed in a limited edition of 150 copies, and we’ll be launching the zine as part of Howl’s upcoming Fall Event series.

View more images here (documented before a shared meal), or order it directly from LOKI’s shop page.

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